Banana Pudding.

Magnolia Bakery style famous treat, without having to leave your house!

Baking. I love baking! It helps me to unwind, forget all the hassle and life struggles. Like I mentioned it in on of some of my posts, I had to live without having the food I was used to it back home. Not that I did not adapt, I mean I do enjoy a lot my new life and country, but some things were missing. When I used to work and live in Paris, my routine was very hectic and tiring, However, the food used to give me a lot of comfort! I used to like grabbing a croissant early in the morning before rushing into the metro station! Sitting at a cafe terrace was an every day habit, chatting with friends and sipping a diabolo menthe (mint syrup lemonade!)

All those nice memories are in my mind and feed my nostalgic moods when I need to! And those moods have been around for some days now, as I am entering my third month of lock down in Ruwais city. We have been having a totally different situation than the rest of the UAE. Dubai has reopened most of its shops, malls etc… Abu Dhabi is still having some restrictions too, but because we have the oil and gas platforms here, the rules are different. So, you can imagine how I kept myself busy! Baking! You will not believe that I hate cooking though! As in preparing meals etc… It is such a burden for me!

Anyways, today I came across this lovely baker , and on her blog she shared an amazing banana pudding recipe. To be honest, I tried it once in Abu Dhabi Magnolia Bakery, I was not really pleased with it because I tried the red velvet pudding which was way too sweet for my palate. Next time, I will have to try the banana one. So, I decided to give that recipe a try because it is simply delicious don’t you agree?

It’s airy, light, creamy and has this banana touch that is to die for! The vanilla wafer adds some sweetness, enough to bring a hint of vanilla into your mouth. As I could not find any Nilla wafers, I made mine at home but you could use any vanilla wafers or biscuits it will work just fine!

What is in that pudding?

  • egg yolks pudding (cooked in a double boiler)
  • whipped cream
  • vanilla wafers
  • bananas

You will need to start with the pudding part, that will be cooked on a double boiler and let it cool down completely before combining it with the fluffy whipped cream. The layering part was my favorite! Adding each layers on top of each other in order to create a fantastic pudding that is so delicious! For the vanilla wafers, you can always substitute with shortbread cookies, even though many other vanilla wafers options are sold online in the UAE, it is just that here in Ruwais, not everything is available!

Ok, enough talking and let’s head to the recipe!

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Adapted from hijabs and aprons recipe! I love it!

Here is the link to the full list of ingredients and detailed steps! She did an amazing job so check it out!

Happy baking!

2 Comments Add yours

  1. CARAMEL says:

    The desserts you make – totally my cup of tea!
    I can’t have dairy, but I can still drool at the idea of this!


    1. feirouzbakes says:

      oh sorry to hear that! I try to reduce my dairy intake and thankfully do not eat all of what I bake! I have posted a dairy and gluten free cookies cereals recipe! thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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